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Self Driving Tours
Namibia -

Namibia enjoys thousands of kilometers of both paved and dirt road taking you through empty plains and rugged mountains.

  • Discover the beauty and wildlife of Namibia in your own time.
  • Let us plan your tour, giving attention to all the details to make it a safe and carefree holiday.
  • We will book your rental car from trustworthy car rental companies, book your accommodations along the way, and supply you with detailed maps and a precise route description. We are available if you need assistance anywhere at any time on the road.
  • And, if you don’t find that sufficiently challenging for your tastes, we also can plan for you an even more ambitious self-driving tour through Botswana, a country that combines spectacular wildlife with a challenging road system.
  • All expenses will be worked out in Namibian Dollar.

Due to Namibia’s safe and secure surroundings, excellent road infrastructure, frequent and easy road signs, accurate maps, low traffic density and comfortable climate conditions for most of the year, Namibia serves as a great self-drive destination.

Camps and lodges are easy to find - and fuel and where necessary foods are obtainable in all towns. Most major regions have cellphone coverage.

Namibia encompasses a tremendous variety of culture, people, geology and history. The awesome and constantly contrasting landscapes are best viewed from the ground, and a self-drive itinerary offers you the flexibility of enjoying these at your own pace. The vibrant colours, sounds and smells as well as the captivating and thrilling sights combined with Namibia’s warm hospitality will leave you wanting to return time and again.

The advantage of self-drive holidays:
You are free to choose the style of safari that matches your personal preferences. You are self-reliant in all that you do, but help will be provided should you need it. Your daily schedule is flexible and you decide the pace and itinerary. You can discover your surroundings on your own.

Please note that Namibia and neighboring countries have left-hand side traffic. Approximate travel times have been indicated on the suggested itineraries, these are from point A to point B and do not include stop-off touring time. Any itinerary contained within Sense of Africa brochure can be tailored as a self-drive program, and shortened or lengthened to suit your individual interests and requirements.

Fully equipped 4x4 single (2 passengers) or double (2 – 4 passengers) cabin vehicle or a station wagon on request. Includes roof-tent /s, fridge, sleeping bags, pillows, kitchen equipment, gas cylinder, table, chairs. All camping areas have shared communal ablution facilities.

- Vehicle category may be amended on request.
- Daily departures
- Self drive tours start and end as per individual itineraries
- Transfers can be arranged on request
- Car rental as per category mentioned inclusive of insurance and
- unlimited mileage
- Optional itinerary service on arrival.
- Tourism levy on accommodation incl.
- 24-hour emergency- telephone

On arrival at the relevant car - rental counter, the customer must present:
- Flamingo Travel pre-paid voucher
- Credit card to cover additional services
- Home address, telephone and e-mail address
- Local contact details (Hotel / Flamingo Travel consultant contact)
- Driver’s license and passport
- An International driver’s license is not essential
- Additional drivers – All drivers must be listed on the applicable rental
- agreement. There is a charge per additional driver per rental which will
- be collected directly form the customer at the time of rental. (If an
- unlisted driver is involved in an accident, or theft of the vehicle, the
- renter will be liable for full damage / theft costs, even if total cover has
- been signed for).

Over border rentals:
Vehicles may be taken into South Africa, Zimbabwe and Botswana. A letter of authority must be requested from the car rental company at the time of rental, if this is not the rental company cannot be held responsible if the customer is refused entry. Vehicles for use in Zimbabwe must be returned to South Africa, Botswana or Namibia.

For additional safety:

  • Keep all doors locked while driving
  • Always park in safe, designated areas
  • When leaving a vehicle unattended, lock all doors and the boot
  • Never leave valuables in the vehicle – personal property is not covered by your vehicle insurance
  • Do not hand keys to hotel porters to park the vehicle, or leave keys at reception
  • Do not leave keys visibly ‘lying’ around hotel rooms
  • If the vehicle is to be collected, please speak personally to the car rental
    office and hand the keys personally to the car rental attendant
  • Do not hand keys to airport or airline staff when returning the vehicle.

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